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The site is working. Sending stones and receiving payments as usual. Localization has been changed

This is the international color saturation scale for colored stones. The site uses these terms and designations.The site does not use the Russian scale for demantoids, since it is TC (technical conditions) for stones from the Karkodinsky deposit and is not applicable to the Tagil stones.The international scale is simpler and clearer

Where did you get these stones? What is their origin?

All stones are legal, purchased at different times. Some stones are over 20 years old. These demantoids were purchased from collectors, cutters, jewelers, and gem miners.

Can I buy raw materials?

No. Selling good raw materials is absolutely not economically feasible. And the raw materials that sometimes manage to be bought are cut by the best Ural cutters

What guarantees of authenticity can you provide?

The authenticity of the stone is confirmed by the stone itself. Have not yet learned how to synthesize (imitate) the "horse's tail"
You can see it in a separate photo.

Can I return the stone?

Sure, you can return the stone
Be sure to report the return!
And just send back within 4 days
I will refund your money

How is the delivery of stones carried out?

Delivery methods and conditions are always discussed individually
Please contact me before buying

How is the payment done?

There are only two main options.
- Bank payment to the current account.
- Electronic payments such as PayPal, Webmoney and others.
The site is configured to pay through PayPal as the most secure

The site is working. Sending stones and receiving payments as usual. Localization has been changed

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A rare combination: the classic look of the inclusion of a horse's tail in a clear stone. Such stones are typical for the channel placer (aluvium, already worked out). Sometimes it is possible to hook a thin lens, which the "grandfathers" simply did not work out. It is too small for those times, 10-15 cm of thickness at a depth of 2-3 meters with a constant water inflow Apparently, the famous term "horsetail" originated from such stones.

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«…cube can not be measured by line…»

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"Identity card" of the russian demantoid. And the whole variety of these unique formations is divided into several types. Of course, with some generalization. It is possible to identify the main types of "horsetail" inclusions Ural demantoid

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26.04.2022 08:57 The stone is stunning. The seller is very nice and patient. The order process sounds a little bit stange at the beginning. But it goes smoothly when follow their instructions. They followed closely with the every step of the shipping until you receive your order and make sure you are satisfied with the stone.


Francisco Antonorsi


Ilatminerals, what a find!!! a true Royal treasure

Russian topazolite 1,00CT., D-6.08MM

N. I. K.


I looked the inside of this stone with using a microscope. I cannot help feeling great power and art of nature on seeing its fine fiber structure. Highly recommended shop and seller!

Russian demantoid 1,03CT., D- 6,21MM



The seller is very helpful and quick to respond if you have any issues. I would recommend to anyone! The beauty of this phenakite took my breath away. I would like to make a nice pendant someday. Thank you ilatminerals!

Russian phenakite 22.53CT.


When I describe this stone in a word, it is very gorgeous. I had no hesitation to make a jewelry of this demantoid with some good diamonds. The demantoid is the most powerful shinning as the main stone. I could not obtain this treasure without kind help of the seller.

Russian demantoid 1,08CT., D- 6.35MM

Mike B.

Stunning green color that is simply brilliant.

Russian demantoid 1.055CT., D-6.4MM

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