Where did you get these stones? What is their origin?

All stones are legal, purchased at different times. Some stones are over 20 years old. These demantoids were purchased from collectors, cutters, jewelers, and gem miners.

Can I buy raw materials?

No. Selling good raw materials is absolutely not economically feasible. And the raw materials that sometimes manage to be bought are cut by the best Ural cutters

What guarantees of authenticity can you provide?

The authenticity of the stone is confirmed by the stone itself. Have not yet learned how to synthesize (imitate) the "horse's tail"
You can see it in a separate photo.

Can I return the stone?

Sure, you can return the stone
Be sure to report the return!
And just send back within 4 days
I will refund your money

How is the delivery of stones carried out?

Delivery methods and conditions are always discussed individually
Please contact me before buying

How is the payment done?

There are only two main options.
- Bank payment to the current account.
- Electronic payments such as PayPal, Webmoney and others.
The site is configured to pay through PayPal as the most secure