26.04.2022 08:57 The stone is stunning. The seller is very nice and patient. The order process sounds a little bit stange at the beginning. But it goes smoothly when follow their instructions. They followed closely with the every step of the shipping until you receive your order and make sure you are satisfied with the stone.

Francisco Antonorsi


Ilatminerals, what a find!!! a true Royal treasure

Russian topazolite 1,00CT., D-6.08MM

N. I. K.


I looked the inside of this stone with using a microscope. I cannot help feeling great power and art of nature on seeing its fine fiber structure. Highly recommended shop and seller!

Russian demantoid 1,03CT., D- 6,21MM



The seller is very helpful and quick to respond if you have any issues. I would recommend to anyone! The beauty of this phenakite took my breath away. I would like to make a nice pendant someday. Thank you ilatminerals!

Russian phenakite 22.53CT.


When I describe this stone in a word, it is very gorgeous. I had no hesitation to make a jewelry of this demantoid with some good diamonds. The demantoid is the most powerful shinning as the main stone. I could not obtain this treasure without kind help of the seller.

Russian demantoid 1,08CT., D- 6.35MM

Mike B.

Stunning green color that is simply brilliant.

Russian demantoid 1.055CT., D-6.4MM